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1 Aug

Vehicle Care Tips for The Summer

It’s the favorite time of the year for many, and vehicle care tips can get your ride in top running condition for those trips to the beach and other family fun before the cold weather arrives. The winter months require vehicle owners to get seasonal maintenance, such as a new battery or all-season tires to ensure smooth driving. Here are a few suggestions for taking care of your vehicle as the August heat moves through.


The summer season offers great weather for repairing your vehicle. In many cases when the weather is cooler or when freezing precipitation is involved, people will not want to get their car worked on, while in other cases someone might be more willing to come out on a sunny day than during the dreary winter cold to work on or pick up your vehicle. Having repairs such as a windshield replacement or front-end alignment done during the summer means your car will be ready for more challenging road conditions as the seasons change to fall and winter. Take the time you have in the summer to prepare for the rest of the year.

Standard Maintenance:

In addition to addressing your vehicle’s damage, schedule your vehicle for routine maintenance as indicated by your owner’s manual. As needed, you may want to flush all your fluids, rotate your tires, or replace filters, as getting these done are a lot easier in the warmer months than in the cooler months.

Interior Cleaning:

This can be done by yourself or by a professional to handle the cleaning work. Scrub the floor mats, vacuum the carpet and seats, and clean out the glove compartment. Much like standard maintenance, interior cleaning is much easier to get done in the warmer months.

Exterior Polishing:

Get a good car scrub from a professional car wash company. Make sure to include the undercarriage and the tires. A regular car wash keeps your vehicle pretty, but also makes it safer to drive, as you will have better visibility, and depending on how dirty it is, other drivers can better see your turn signal.

Specialty Add-Ons:

Have you been planning to add special accessories to your vehicle? The summer months are a perfect time to do so. Whether it is new speakers, remote entry, or upgrading your engine performance, the warmer summer months make it easier to get the job done.

Spending a little time and money on your vehicle will make it feel, look, and even smell nicer. Give your vehicle some attention this summer to enhance its life and your confidence.

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