5 Tips To Keep You Safe This Spring

15 Mar

5 Tips To Keep You Safe This Spring

While April showers welcome May flowers, we can’t forget about the Spring driving hazards this season can also bring! From poor road conditions to migrating animals, Spring is a season full of unpleasant road complications. That’s why we’ve put together a useful list of 5 tips to prepare you and your car for any seasonal driving dangers may that come your way:

1. Check All Your Vehicle’s Lights

Since Spring rain hinders driving visibility, our recommendation is to perform bi-weekly light inspections. While this might sound difficult and time-consuming, know that it’s actually more simple than it seems! Checking your headlights/tail lights is as simple as taking a quick lap around your vehicle after turning all of its lights on. If all your taillights and headlights are illuminated, you’ve passed the check! For brake light and turn signal inspections, you’ll need to ask a passenger for help. While you operate the lights from the inside of your vehicle, ask your passenger to observe outside. If no irregularities are noted, you’re good to go! Remember that it’s always better to be seen than not seen!

2. Routinely Replace Your Wiper Blades

Worn out wiper blades have a tendency of decreasing road visibility, which is the last thing you want when you’re caught in a Spring Storm. If your wiper blades fail to clear all the water away from your windshield, it’s a good time to change them! We’d recommend a routine change every 2 seasons – we change ours every Spring and Fall!

3. Check Your Tire Pressure

While San Francisco Winter’s aren’t even close to as harsh as the Winter conditions elsewhere, know that the slightest temperature change can still affect your tire’s pressure! While checking it may seem tedious and unnecessary, know that maintaining proper tire pressure will not only prolong your tire’s life, but will also keep you safer on the roads during the rainy Spring season.

4. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Remember that beautiful spring weather doesn’t only bear flowers. The warmer it becomes, the more active animals become as well! Depending on where you live in San Francisco, you could encounter more animals roaming around on the streets during the early mornings and evenings. Our tip is to drive safely and consciously on the roads this Spring to avoid any potential accidents!

5. Slow Down

Turns out that animals aren’t the only things you should be looking out for this season! As the weather gets better, you can expect to see more cyclists and pedestrians roaming, as well. This means that simple traffic maneuvers, such as turning right and parallel parking, will become more dangerous. We’d recommend all drivers to slow down and take their time. Checking your blind spots very carefully before performing any traffic maneuvers could save a life!

Whether this is your 1st Spring in San Francisco or your 50th, we hope these tips have helped you! If there’s a tip you think we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments section down below. Should you find yourself in need of collision repair services while in the Bay Area, please give us a call and rest assured that you will receive quality repairs with the health and safety of everyone in mind. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Spring!

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