Things You Should Always Have in your Vehicle

31 Aug

Things You Should Always Have in your Vehicle

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is it that I should have in my vehicle at all times?” We have developed a list that is simple and straight to the point. Some things included in the list are critical, while others are things you may not need often, but when you do need them, they will save you time and money.

Reflective Triangles and/or Flares- Reflective triangles and/or flares are your nighttime safeguards. If you’ve pulled off onto the shoulder for any prolonged amount of time, put these safety essentials around your vehicle. They offer enhanced visibility for traffic, lowering the possibility of you being hit by inattentive drivers while you’re waiting for the help you need.

Flashlight- The flashlight does not have to be an expensive one, but it can come in handy if you are forced to pull over at night for a flat tire or other car problems at night. It is one of the safety items you may never use, but you will feel more secure having with you. Even better: look for a rechargeable LED work light that has a folding stand so you can aim it at your work on the ground or under the hood.

Tire Pressure Gauge/ Spare Tire/ Car Jack/ Lug Wrench – The pesky flat tire on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere is one of the most frustrating situations you can be in. If you do not have a spare, jack, or lug wrench, you may be sitting on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance for over an hour. Do not wait until you have a flat tire to open your trunk or look under the vehicle and find out you do not have any of these items. Periodically check the pressure in the spare tire to ensure it is inflated and that it is accessible. If your vehicle is an SUV or pickup, be sure the crank-down winch assembly still operates freely so the tire can be lowered. After cleaning them, give the cable and mechanism a shot of white lithium grease to help keep corrosion at bay.

Jumper Cables – A dead battery can occur anytime and anywhere. If you have jumper cables, anyone with a battery can help you jump start you vehicle. In addition, “booster packs” or “jumper packs” contain a small-but-powerful battery and can be used without depending upon another vehicle. The only caveat is you must periodically recharge them.

Water – This one is especially important if you are going to be driving any type of distance. Especially in the summer heat, water can be essential. Store a few bottles in your vehicle, as water can also help in a pinch if you have an overheating issue. (Be sure to allow the vehicle to cool before opening the cap on the radiator or expansion tank.)

Napkins/Rags – Stash some extra napkins/rags in the glove box. They will come in handy for many things like spilled drinks, wiping dust, or moisture on the windshield, cleaning hands, checking oil, and more.

Spare Key – keeping your spare key to your home in your vehicle can help you when you are locked out of your home. Do not store the key in plain sight. You can purchase magnetic boxes that can attach to locations under your vehicle as well.

Owner’s Manual/ Proper Paperwork/ Pens – Store these items in the glove box. An owner’s manual is a must, as this will detail proper repair procedures and proper amounts of fluids for your vehicle. Make sure you have paperwork readily accessible, including your insurance card and registration, in the case of an accident or being pulled over by law enforcement.

Tape – Adhesive tape, such as duct tape, will come in handy in quick fix situations like a mirror or headlight issue in an emergency.

First Aid Kit – Your safety and health are just as important as your vehicle’s. Band-aids and Q-tips can come in handy for many sticky situations.

You will not regularly use these things, and most are only in case of an emergency. It is hard for many people to plan for emergencies, so try to keep as many of these things as possible in your car trunk, under the seat, or glove box. You will NEED one of these at some point in time.

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