The History of the Golden State Warriors

7 Mar

The History of the Golden State Warriors

March is officially here, which means the madness of basketball season has also arrived. With our shop located in the Bay Area, of course we’re rooting for the Golden State Warriors and their current roster has us looking forward to another remarkable season. We know that if you’re a die-hard fan like us, you’ll be itching to stay up to date with the latest news. However, did you know that this revolutionary and exceptional team also carries a notable history? Check out these 7 fun facts on Golden State Warriors that we’ve put together just for you!

  1. Previously Known As The Philadelphia Warriors
    Did you know? The Golden State Warriors first began as a franchise back in 1946. Their roots began in Philadelphia, where the team was coached by Eddie Gottieb, a celebrity of Philadelphia sports at the time. To no surprise, the Warriors dominated most of the league that year, taking home the first championship of the Basketball Association of America (BBA). Go Warriors, Go!
  2. Every Machine Needs a Key Cog
    Luckily for the Warriors machine, they had Joe Fulks as their key cog. The 6’5” forward player, was known for his perfect jump shots, averaging approximately 23 points per game and earning him the BAA scoring title. In 1949, Fulks set an NBA single-game record of 63 points, which stood for an impressive 10+ years. His undisturbed streak led his championship series to average 26.2 points per game, including outbursts of 37 in Game 1 and 34 in Game Five. Impressive, right?
  3. The Warriors Starting Roster Featured Hall of Fame Athletes
    To date, Paul Arizin and Neil Johnston are still known as some of the greatest NCAA basketball players of all-time. Arizin and Johnston won 5 of 6 NBA scoring titles between the 1951-52 and 1956-57 seasons with Johnston leading NBA in rebounding totals. Today, their names remain engraved and remembered as remarkable Hall of Fame Athletes.
  4. Their Big Move
    As mentioned earlier, the Golden State Warriors weren’t always in San Francisco. In 1962, the Warriors packed their bags from Philadelphia and moved to San Francisco. They were briefly known as the San Francisco Warriors, however the move affected the team both performance-wise and financially, which resulted in the Warriors jumping across the Bay to Oakland. Welcomed with open arms, the San Francisco Warriors were renamed to Golden State Warriors.
  5. A Team’s Worst Nightmare
    Struggling with injury, coaches and losing players to competing franchises, the Warriors experienced a 9-year slump where the team didn’t make the playoffs once, between 1977 to 1986. Fast forward to 1994, the team was then followed by another 12-year playoff slump which was obviously, every professional athlete and team’s nightmare.
  6. The Golden State Warriors Remained Warriors
    Despite their depressing playoff slumps, the Warriors fought hard and continued to practice and persevere. In 2006, they were fortunate enough to finally see the playoffs for the first time in 12 years, demonstrating to the world that hard work, truly does pay off.
  7. The Warriors Remained Hopeful
    Experiencing another slump post-2006, the Warriors surprised the world with a fantastic comeback, reigning as the 2014-2015 season champions. As Stephen Curry once said: “Success is not an accident, success is actually a choice.” “Basketball isn’t just a sport. It is an art, one that must be mastered to succeed.”

Itching to drop by one of their games to cheer them on now? See the Golden State Warriors full game schedule for the month of March below:

  • March 2: vs. Chicago Bulls
  • March 5: vs. New York Knicks
  • March 6: vs. Atlanta Hawks
  • March 8: vs. Boston Celtics
  • March 10: vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
  • March 11 & 29: vs. San Antonio Spurs
  • March 14: vs. Philedelphia 76ers
  • March 16: vs. Orlando Magic
  • March 18: vs. Milwaukee Bucks
  • March 20: vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
  • March 21: vs. Dallas Mavericks
  • March 24: vs. Sacramento Kings
  • March 26: vs. Memphis Grizzlies
  • March 28 & 31: vs. Houston Rockets

If you’re rooting for the Golden State Warriors like we are, comment below and let us know! We’re excited to see what this season will bring, but until then, should you find yourself in need of collision repair services while in the Bay Area, please give us a call and rest assured that you will receive quality repairs with the health and safety of everyone in mind.

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