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25 May

Staying Safe as Our State Reopens

Are you ready for things to begin to reopen? As California begins to reopen, you are probably asking yourself, “Can I go shopping? Can I go to my favorite swimming pool? Can I eat at my favorite steakhouse?” As the month of May comes to an end, June starts a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, and our state as a whole. Across the country, restaurants, retail stores, malls, and public places are beginning to reopen for business. Below are a few things to keep in mind as our state begins to reopen that will help you protect yourself and others around you.

Maintain Social Distance

Though we are through the first couple phases of the reopening, it is still important to secure safety throughout your daily life. Keeping social distance of at least six feet is imperative. Gov. Newsom has said that he and his staff want to make sure there is a protocol in place to secure customer safety, employee safety, and to allow businesses to thrive in a substantial way as before the pandemic; maintaining social distancing when leaving your home is a great way to do your part in this.

Wash your Hands

During this phase of the reopening, we are starting to see the opening of hair salons, nail salons, barbershops, gyms, movie theaters, and sporting events without live audiences. When visiting these places, there will be “high-touch” area that can become areas that people are touching more than others. These places should be avoided, or if you do touch them, immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (carry a bottle with you). Washing your hands can curb the spread of the virus in these places being opened up during this new phase and ensure we will move through this phase and reach a full reopening.

Avoid Touching your Face

California is unlikely to allow all businesses to open at once throughout this phase. That includes gyms, barbershops, and nail salons, although they will be open, they will be at partial capacity for the foreseeable future. How often do you catch yourself itching or rubbing your face at the gym to wipe off sweat from your brow? During this time, it is imperative that we try to not touch our faces altogether. Touching your face can lead to the spread of the virus from things you touch throughout the day and allow the virus to reach your mouth, eyes, or nose. Bringing a cloth rag or wearing a sweat band can help you refrain from touching your face, so be conscious of touching your face to protect yourself and those around you.

Wear a Mask

Governor Newsom has said “roughly 70% of the economy can open with modifications into this stage.” When you are going out to the now open businesses included in this phase, you should wear a mask. The mask is important to curb the spread of the virus; the CDC recommends wearing one in public places.

There are different types available. The N95 respirator masks have been in high demand by health care workers, but they offer the best protection by the wearer against the airborne virus.

The Centers for Disease Control’s latest recommendation is for everyone to wear a surgical-type or cloth mask, barring any preexisting breathing conditions. This keeps the supply of N95 respirators available to the health care workers who need protection from suspected or known infected people.

The surgical and cloth masks likely offer little protection to the wearer, but instead keep an asymptomatic carrier from spreading the virus by sneezing, coughing, and even simply talking or singing.

The contagious nature of this virus makes it so much different from any other virus we have experienced before. Wear a mask, even if it is not a fashion statement, it can help keep you healthy and those around you healthy.

Stay Home if you Are Sick

This is one of the most important tips, if not the most important. It is self-explanatory; if you or a family member are not feeling well, stay home. Especially during this time; yes, businesses are beginning to open. But they will be open at a later date, too, so staying home if you are sick will protect others in the community and help stop the spread of the virus, if that is what you have. Key symptoms include a dry cough, fever, shakes, cold chills, all similar symptoms to the flu, so staying home if you have these symptoms is very important. Of course, consult your medical care provider if your symptoms are more than mild.

Though it may be exciting that the country is beginning to reopen, and things are progressing to the way things were before the pandemic started, it is important to stay vigilant and careful during the process. Acting like the virus does not exist will not help; following simple personal hygiene and following the tips from health experts is important during this time as well.

We look forward to working with you and seeing your faces out and about again!

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