San Francisco Parking Survival Guide

25 Nov

San Francisco Parking Survival Guide

You must be very brave and have a strategic plan if you’re thinking about parking in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a fantastic city, with a rich treasure trove of destination options for travelers. However, the town has its unique characteristics that make parking tricky. If you’re planning on visiting the city and need to park, here are some helpful things to know.

Curb Color Matters, so Pay Attention

In this city, you need to pay careful attention to the colors of the curbs before parking. If you see red curbs, this indicates a no parking zone. Red curbs are generally found near police or emergency stations and are reserved.

If you see a white curb, you can stop – for five minutes or less. You’ll find these curbs near restaurants and hospitals. They serve as easily accessible drop off points for people.

Green curbs, which are close to ATMs, allow for ten-minute parking. Yellow ones commonly found in commercial areas and are for commercial vehicles only.

Lastly, blue curbs designate an area for disabled people to park.

Check out Time Limits before Parking

When parking, always read the signs. Each area has a different designated parking limit length. If you don’t see any signs, you’re in luck. That means you can park your car for up to 72 hours without raising eyebrows.

Beware For Street Cleaners

All of the parking zones in San Franciso have signs marking street cleaning hours. Familiarize yourself with them before parking your vehicle to avoid complications arising from this oversight.

A Few More Useful Tips for San Francisco Parking

There are a few other intricacies worth noting. When you park your car, make sure it’s facing the same direction as ongoing traffic, or you may receive a fine. If you parallel park, keep your wheels at less than eighteen inches from the tip of the curb.

There are slopes all over San Francisco. When parking on one, angle the car’s front wheels so that if the brakes fail, the vehicle rolls into the curb and not the street.

Failure to do so could result in a car or truck rolling down one of the city’s slopes, which could prove disastrous.

Watch out for Tow Away Zones

During rush hour, the time when traffic is at its highest peak, certain parking areas become tow-away zones. The good news is, you’ll see red signs alerting you if this is the case.

Paying attention is your greatest strength when parking in San Francisco. Understanding the coded color system and signs ensure you follow the rules when picking a final parking space.

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