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25 Nov

Is an Electric Vehicle Right for You?

The idea of driving an electric vehicle is tempting to anyone who pays for a lot of fossil fuel. Who wouldn’t want to dump a gas guzzler in favor of a car that runs on electric or solar power? But, before ditching your gas-engine vehicle, some factors must get taken into consideration.

The most significant benefit of electric vehicle ownership having lessened dependence gasoline or diesel fuel. However, electric-powered vehicles come with their own set of concerns and expenses.

How Far Do You Usually Drive?

Most electric vehicles have limited ranges due to battery life.

Generally, motorists driving 75 miles or less should have few concerns. However, if you’re the type of person who likes to jump in the car and see where life takes you, or you drive long distances, this could present limitations. With a gas-engine car, you can fuel up anywhere and keep driving. While electrical charging stations are available, it could take planning and time to find stations to recharge your battery.

However, the range for EVs is expanding. By 2022, according to Cleantechnica, the average range is expected to top 275 miles.

Is Driving One of Your Job Duties?

Sales representatives and other workers who drive significant distances as part of their job could find electric vehicles unworkable. Gas-engine cars are fit for purpose, and a fresh tank of fuel is rarely challenging to attain.

Do You Rent or Own a Home?

Like other types of technology, the only way to keep an electric car running is by charging it. To accommodate the new addition, you’ll need the ability to install a specialized charger in your garage. If you are a renter, this alone could be a deal killer. Without a way to conveniently charge your car at home, it is a no go! If you do own your own house, this adding a car charger to your home represents more upfront expenses.

Are You Single or Driving for a Family?

Most single people with predictable driving schedules and access to a charger can drive an EV with confidence. Driving a family around is a different story, though. If using an electric car as a primary means of transportation, lots of trips and can exceed the recommended driving range. You may have to take the kids to soccer practice or run someone to the hospital quickly. Those short trips are no big deal for gas cars but require more planning for electric vehicle owners.

Let Your Lifestyle Decide

The decision to purchase an electric vehicle will come down to whether it fits your lifestyle or not. The limitations in range and the need to recharge are the main pain points for most.

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