How Living Near the Ocean Affects Your Automobile

31 Jan

How Living Near the Ocean Affects Your Automobile

The sun, the sand, the ocean breeze…just a few reasons that oceanside living is appealing.  Your vehicle, however, doesn’t necessarily have the same perspective.  Keep reading to understand how oceanside living affects your vehicle in an adverse way and what you can do about it.


Ocean Air

The ocean air can be damaging to your vehicle’s paint and finish.  The sun and damp salt air can destroy the finish of your vehicle.  The heat of the sun increases the pores in the paint resulting in a higher absorption of moisture.  This higher moisture in the paint on your vehicle can result in a higher rate of corrosion.


Beyond the Finish and Paint

 The salt-filled air can also cause damage to other parts of your vehicle including the brake calipers and nuts and bolts.  The air is humid and along with the salt-filled dew, corrosion of these parts is accelerated on vehicles near the ocean.  The winters are worse for this type of corrosion.  During the first few years of a new vehicle’s life, you may not see much damage but as the car reaches the age of five, rust spots can begin to develop on the car and, of course, on the inside as well.


Protecting Your Vehicle

There are steps you can take to protect your vehicle from the potential damage that can be cause by ocean-side living.  These steps increase in importance, the closer you live to the beach.


  • Park in a garage or use a car cover, especially in the winter.
  • Wash your vehicle on a regular basis.
  • Treat the finish with good quality wax religiously.
  • Avoid driving on the sand or in the water. Be sure to rinse off the underside of your vehicle if you do.  First make sure the vehicle has cooled off.


It’s All in the Details

If you live near the ocean, it may be prudent to regularly use the services of a reputable vehicle detailing company.  During the detailing process, the finish of your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris and there are likely several options for additional wax treatments depending on your preference.  Again, this is highly advised during and after the winter when the air is most damp.  The added expense will be worth it as your vehicle ages with a protected finish.


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