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Fact or Fiction, Your Guide to Common Auto Insurance Misconceptions

The dreaded premiums, coverage and claims that car insurance offers can be complicated and confusing for a lot of vehicle owners. Often times we share our experiences with friends and family who are looking to find a good car insurance carrier. We want to take a moment to explain the “fact and fiction” when it comes to automobile insurance.

Many of the “facts” we hear are simply untrue – complete myths that have no basis in reality whatsoever. Below are four of the most common myths we hear being presented as facts:

Your vehicle color will affect your premiums
Absolute myth! Somewhere along the way people got this crazy idea that cars or specific colors were targeted more often for speeding and the like, which in turn would raised insurance rates on those colored cars. Most commonly thought to be among those colors – red.

That is not true at all. The myth probably got started because sports cars are typically seen in red and yellow, so people assumed they were more at risk and predestined to higher auto insurance premiums. The fact of the matter is, sports cars do have higher rates, but the color has nothing to do with it.

New cars are automatically added to your current policy
Myth! Car insurance companies do not have a crystal ball. This sounds like non-sense to me, however there are folks out there that have this way of thinking. Be sure your new vehicle purchase is covered by calling your insurance company immediately.

Males under 25 pay more for car insurance
Technically this is a myth with a bit of truth behind it. Males under 25 have a tendency to be more dangerous drivers, so insurance rates can be higher. Keep in mind, statistics now show that the same age group of female drivers actually “speed” more often. Making their insurance rates higher as well due to the risks involved.

However, the group as a whole does not penalize an individual driver. A driver with insurance for several years and a clean record will pay less than someone without an insurance record or with a blemished record, period. It depends on the person, not only the age.

Minimum coverage is good enough and will cover theft and other issues
This a huge myth and a costly one at that. Just ask my buddy who had his vehicle stolen from his driveway! Minimum coverage, aka liability, only covers accidents while driving, it does not cover theft, vandalism or acts of god.

In order to be safeguarded against theft, vandalism, or a random falling tree full coverage is necessary and depending on your vehicle and demographics, may be warranted. Even with full coverage it is extremely important to read through the fine print to see what your specific coverage states. Contact your insurance provider for more information on your individual policy.

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