Distracted Driving is Up in San Francisco Area

28 Jan
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Distracted Driving is Up in San Francisco Area

A recent study states people are not getting the message about texting and driving and among top offenders are right here in California.

If you are on the road you have surely seen the person in the next car texting behind the wheel at one time or another or perhaps all too frequently.

The Bay Area used to boast some of the least distracted drivers on the road. But now, not so much making the top 10 according to Zendrive.

Top 10 cities with the most distracted drivers (from most distracted to least distracted)

  1. Houston, TX
  2. Miami, FL
  3. Detroit, MI
  4. San Jose, CA
  5. Los Angeles (County), CA
  6. Los Angeles – Long Beach – Anaheim, CA
  7. Boston – Cambridge – Newton, MA
  8. San Francisco, CA
  9. Denver – Aurora, CO
  10. Philadelphia, PA

Unfortunately, drivers are distracted while behind the wheel of their vehicle just about everywhere. In the age of smartphones, it has become a huge safety issue for everyone on the road, and the prevalence of cell phone use while driving has escalated substantially. Many states have adapted laws against using cell phones while driving in an effort to make the roads safer and prevent drivers from succumbing to the urge to check their devices while behind the wheel.

What exactly constitutes distracted driving? While we most commonly think of distracted driving as people who use their cell phones while driving, that’s not the only distraction drivers face. Distracted driving also includes eating or drinking, talking to other people in the car or changing the radio while driving. In essence, it’s any activity that takes your attention away from driving your car. To learn more about the dangers of distracted driving, read our blog on distracted driving statistics.

  • In San Francisco alone, there was a 60% increase in phone usage over the last year
  • Californians in general spend 6.54% of their driving time on the phone
  • That’s a 54.2% increase over the past 12 months

This data was taken during the first full year the cellphone law was in effect in California, which prohibits drivers from having their phone in their hands for any reason.

What can you do to ensure you are doing your part to keep our roads safe?

  1. Don’t be afraid to just turn off your phone
    That phone call or text can wait – and perhaps save a life.
  2. Organize your stuff and avoid multitasking
    Before pulling away know where all of your important items are to keep you from looking and digging around while driving
  3. Let your passengers do some of the work
    Let them run the GPS, find just the right song on the radio, or send a text for you. It’ll give them something productive to do and take some distracting tasks off of your plate.
  4. Save the serious discussions for later
    Try not lose yourself in stressful thoughts or serious conversations when you’re on the road.
  5. Use voice commands and Bluetooth sparingly
    Hand-free texting and talking are still pretty distracting. Your hands may be on the wheel, but it takes your mind and attentions off the road. So only use them when you absolutely need to.
  6. Use your Smartphone to drive safer
    There are plenty of apps out there these days that can disable texting, send an automated text response, and hold calls while you’re driving. Take a minute to find them before you are behind the wheel.
  7. Make your drive time, quiet time
    It can be pretty nice to collect your thoughts and focus on driving.

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