Common Car Maintenance Mistakes and How You Can Prevent Them

1 Jun

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes and How You Can Prevent Them

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Taking care of your vehicle is a lot like maintaining your health. If you ignore symptoms when they are small, they have the potential to grow into big, costly problems. It’s important to have your vehicle checked to protect the integrity and longevity of your car, rather than make the following mistakes.

MISTAKE: Forgetting To Get Your Oil Changed.

That sticker on your windshield serves as a great reminder to take care of your vehicle’s lubrication needs. Having your oil changed every 3,000 miles is an industry standard, but check with your auto technician at Peninsula Auto Body or your owners manual to know what is best for your vehicle.

MISTAKE: Procrastinating on Scheduled Maintenance.

While it is common to put off scheduling maintenance, both your car and your pocketbook will pay the price. There are many reasons behind each scheduled maintenance process, so keep up with your vehicle’s program to maintain its great condition.

MISTAKE: Ignoring Check Engine Lights

Check engine lights are the manner in which your vehicle communicates its needs to you. These lights serve as the best alert and often last warning that you need to seek service immediately, as your vehicle is not running properly.

MISTAKE: Continuing To Drive An Overheated Car

First off – driving an overheated car is dangerous. These circumstances can lead to car fires and explosions that can put you, your passengers, and the vehicles you share the road with in imminent danger. Second, it can lead to very costly damage to your vehicle and sometimes results in its end-of-life.

MISTAKE: Not Checking Tire Pressure

Keeping the correct pressure in your tires ensures even wear. When you have a low tire, the wear is uneven and can cause blowouts and lead to earlier replacement needs.

MISTAKE: Putting Off Fluid Checks and Replacements

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your car running well is to keep up with fluid levels with your coolant, transmission, and brake fluids, replacing them as needed.

MISTAKE: Forgetting Air and Fuel Filter Changes

While they seem like forgettable parts, air filters and fuel filters do important work. Furthermore, not changing them can lead to operating trouble for your car.

MISTAKE: Buying Generic Parts

It is best to use the highest quality parts available for your vehicle. These are normally available from the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. These parts are generally superior as they are created using the original designs and stringent requirements of the manufacturer.

MISTAKE: Attempting To Fix Your Own Car

Decades ago, fixing your own vehicle was a common rite of passage. Industry wide, this is no longer the case. Today’s vehicles tend to be too high-tech and challenging for most people to work on. It is not uncommon to see costly errors result from the best intentioned owner-attempted repairs.

MISTAKE: Taking Your Car to an Unqualified Service Center

If you want high-quality work completed on your vehicle, it is important to leave the work to an experienced, qualified service center that employs skilled and certified technicians, such as Peninsula Auto Body.

Think you have made an error when it comes to your car maintenance? Contact us today at Peninsula Auto Body and we can help get your maintenance regime headed in the right direction.

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