5 Ways To Boost Your Fuel Economy

23 May
fuel economy in san francisco

5 Ways To Boost Your Fuel Economy

The summer travel season is upon us which means fun, family road trips are ahead! While you’ve likely mastered the art of cruise control by now, one thing you may not know is how to efficiently boost your fuel economy. That’s why we’re sharing these 5 helpful tips with you today. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Replace Your Oil Regularly
Did you know that the quality of your engine oil affects your fuel economy? Not only is old engine oil said to contribute to oil sludge development, it also reduces your vehicle’s engine performance and horsepower. As experts in the industry, our recommendation is to get your oil changed regularly in accordance to your vehicle owner’s manual. Get one step ahead of potential problems by staying pro-active all year round!

2. Stop Carrying Dead Weight
Do you drive around with a bunch of unnecessary junk in your trunk? Unfortunately, traveling with excess weight in your vehicle makes your engine burn fuel faster. So before heading off on your next road trip, be sure to clear out your trunk/back seats from any unnecessary clutter and remember to only pack what you need. When you’re done, you will see your gas mileage improve tremendously!

3. Break Your Bad Driving Habits
Bad habits can be hard to break, but if you want to maximize your fuel economy, you’ll have to break free from your gas guzzling ways! Rapid acceleration and speeding has been proven to decrease gas mileage by a whooping 33%. Ever heard of the saying “slow and steady wins the race”? Well in this case, driving steady and at a consistent speed will help you keep your money in your pockets – in our books, that’s a win!

4. Stop Using Cruise Control
While the feature is great in theory, a major setback of cruise control is its inability to take into account the shifts of the terrain. If all roads were flat, cruise control would be perfect for optimizing fuel economy. However, since this isn’t the case, you will notice that your engine is forced to accelerate unnaturally when driving up an inclined section of the freeway. Not only is this bad for the engine itself, it also increases your risk of getting into an accident due to the lack of control you have over your vehicle. Don’t take your chances – just keep your foot on the pedal!

5. Keep Those Tires Properly Inflated
To no surprise, under-inflated tires can drastically affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. In addition to this, tires with low air pressure can also lead to premature wear, poor handling, and even massive failures while driving on the highway. Our recommendation to remedy this is to do yourself a huge favor during road trip season and swing by your local gas station (at least once a month) to check your tire pressure! Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

This summer road trip season, our family at Peninsula would like to wish everyone safe and happy travels! While rising gas prices remain out of our control, we hope these 5 tips will help you keep your vehicle’s fuel economy within your control. Should you find yourself in need of collision repair services while in the Bay Area, please give us a call! Rest assured that you will receive quality repairs with the health and safety of everyone in mind.

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