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21 Feb

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Heart Disease


Did you know? Heart disease is the number 1 leading cause of death in America. Since 1963, Heart Month has been celebrated every February where many are encouraged to join the battle against heart disease, and help raise awareness amongst their community. We believe that it’s important to be informed and prepared, as heart disease continues to claim more lives each and every day. Today, we’re sharing 5 facts you didn’t know about heart disease, in hopes of better informing you! Check them out:

  1. It’s Likely Affecting A Loved One In Your Life
    Being the leading cause of death since the 1900s, this fact shouldn’t come across as a surprise. It is estimated that approximately 85.6 million people in America are living with cardiovascular disease. Keep in mind that this number only includes victims of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and chest pains! In fact, amongst American adults alone, about 80 million are estimated to have high blood pressure – otherwise known as the “silent killer.” That’s why we believe in the importance of being informed! Learn more about the symptoms and signs of heart disease, here.
  2. It Is Preventable
    Fear not – even if you have a history of heart disease in your family! Although you may not have been living the healthiest lifestyle prior to this, know that you can start making that transition today! Simply begin by monitoring your cholesterol and blood pressure regularly; you can do this at home and it’s as simple as purchasing a machine from your local drug store! When eating, make conscious decisions with your health in mind. Limit your calories and choose foods that are low in saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium. For more tips on how to prevent heart disease, check out this article by the American Heart Association!
  3. Medical Therapy Advancements Continue
    Since the 1980s, fewer Americans with a history of heart disease and stroke have died, thanks to progress in medical therapies for patients. The advancement and rapid acceleration of research projects, brings us one step closer to finding a cure for heart disease, everyday. While you may not be a research scientist yourself, know that you can contribute to scientific research efforts by becoming a donor. Whether you want to donate once or on a monthly basis, every bit counts! Donate today to join the fight!
  4. Women Are At A Greater Risk
    Causing 1 in 3 deaths each year, heart disease claims approximately one woman’s life, every minute! Unfortunately, the warning signs for women aren’t the same as men’s. If you’re interested in learning about symptoms you or a loved one could be missing, click here.
  5. Blocked Arteries Can Be Unblocked
    Believe it or not, with a proper diet, a blocked artery can be unblocked! The research done by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., is some of the most talked-about data regarding plant-based diets as a treatment for coronary artery disease. His data shows that a blocked artery can be treated—and cleared—with the use of a low-fat, plant-based dietary intervention. Learn more here.

Want To Help?
This Heart Month, help raise awareness for heart disease by joining the American Heart Association and Go Red For Women on their journey of celebrating awareness! On Friday, February 3rd, 2017, you can make a difference by simply participating in National Wear Red Day. Learn more about the event by visiting their website. Alternatively you can fill out a Tell 5 Application via Go Red For Women, which enables you to spread the risks of heart disease to 5 special women in your life!

Be informed and remember to inform others! We at Peninsula Auto Body hope that this Heart Month, you’ll be able to make a difference. We can’t wait to hear about what you’re doing to contribute! Should you find yourself in need of collision repair services while in the Bay Area, please give us a call and rest assured that you will receive quality repairs with the health and safety of everyone in mind.

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