5 Simple Summer Car Care Tips

27 Jun

5 Simple Summer Car Care Tips

With summer in full-swing is your vehicle ready for the warmer temperature ahead? Be sure to check out these simple summer car care tips to help you keep your cool by avoiding trouble with your ride!

Quick Cab Cool Down

If you just hopped into your car and the interior heat is unbearable, try rolling down your windows and turning up your air before you take off. By doing so you will force the hot air out and provide much-needed circulation of cooler air provided by your automobiles air conditioning. Once the air on the inside has reached about the same temperature as the air on the outside, you are ready to roll up your windows and continue on your journey in comfort.

Scorching Steering Wheel Cure

Have you ever reached for your steering wheel only to find the sweltering heat too much to bear? Prevent burning your hands after your vehicle has been parked in the heat by turning the wheel 180 degrees before getting out of the car. That way, the side you touch is safely in the shade while you’re out.

Steamy Stench

Does your interior leave a bit to be desired when it comes to smelly seat cushions? A hot car can aide in releasing unpleasant odors. To freshen up your interior, tape a dryer sheet onto the air conditioning. When you blast the AC, your ride will get a refresher too. It is also a great idea to stash a box of dryer sheets under the passenger seat for maximum freshness as you travel.

Overheated Engine Have You Full of Hot Air?

Hot temperatures and low coolant levels may have your AC working overtime, and increase the risk of your engine overheating. To prevent your engine from overheating ensure your coolant levels are topped off and hoses are properly connected.

Signs of your engine overheating may include a rising temperature gauge, warning lights radiating from your dash, or steam billowing out from the hood. If this is the case, pull over to a safe place, turn your vehicle off, and wait at least a half hour for it to cool down fully before opening the hood to avoid injury.

Avoid Blowing Up Over a Blowout

Temperature swings can cause your tires to lose pressure more quickly leading to poor performance, reduced gas mileage or even a blowout. Make sure to check the pressure first thing in the morning for an accurate reading. Keep in mind, the heat of the day, and particularly when you have been driving, will inflate your tires a little and you want to ensure an overinflated tire doesn’t leave you on the side of the road, a victim of a blowout.

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