31 Jan

Crash Prevention Technology

Vehicle safety technology improves and advances with each model year.  New and improved ways to keep us safer on the road are incorporated into existing models are forefront in brand new offerings. Some of these features and advances are active, some are optional, and some are passive.   The U.S. Insurance institute for Highway Safety […]
31 Jan

How Living Near the Ocean Affects Your Automobile

The sun, the sand, the ocean breeze…just a few reasons that oceanside living is appealing.  Your vehicle, however, doesn’t necessarily have the same perspective.  Keep reading to understand how oceanside living affects your vehicle in an adverse way and what you can do about it.   Ocean Air The ocean air can be damaging to […]
30 Jan

Off-Road Fun in California

Vehicle oriented outdoor fun has no better stage than the state of California with its varying terrain and weather.  From family fun to extreme activities for adventure-seekers, California is the perfect place to live.  Since 1959, the California Four Wheel Drive Association has actively promoted the advancement of vehicle-oriented outdoor recreation.  This non-profit boasts a […]
30 Jan

Keeping Your Kids Safe

There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our children.  As they grow up there are consistently more worries from cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate online content, predators…the list is endless.  Once kids begin to drive, the potential dangers multiply.  We hope our kids tell us everything we need to know to help […]
25 Nov

Is an Electric Vehicle Right for You?

The idea of driving an electric vehicle is tempting to anyone who pays for a lot of fossil fuel. Who wouldn’t want to dump a gas guzzler in favor of a car that runs on electric or solar power? But, before ditching your gas-engine vehicle, some factors must get taken into consideration. The most significant […]
25 Nov

Turo – Air Bnb for Your Car

Much the same way Airbnb took the hospitality world by storm, Turo is doing the same for car rentals. The company is a car-sharing service that provides people with the opportunity to rent their vehicles directly to others. Consider why people would opt for renting a car via Turo when they could choose to visit […]
25 Nov

San Francisco Parking Survival Guide

You must be very brave and have a strategic plan if you’re thinking about parking in San Francisco. San Francisco is a fantastic city, with a rich treasure trove of destination options for travelers. However, the town has its unique characteristics that make parking tricky. If you’re planning on visiting the city and need to […]
25 Nov

Rental Car Insurance – Yes, No or Sometimes?

Rental car insurance is a hotly debated topic that’s always controversial. Some people swear by the idea of signing up for the extra insurance when renting a vehicle, and another camp swears it’s all a huge mistake. Who’s right? Let’s consider both sides of the argument. Determine Your Need Rental Car Insurance The only way […]
18 Nov

Updated California Rideshare Laws

California continues to lead the nation in new regulations governing the new economy approaches to business. The latest ruling from the Golden State’s legislature potentially impacts gig workers, including drivers for services like Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash. The ruling, known as California Assembly Bill 5 or AB5, is commonly called the gig-worker rule. AB5 requires […]
18 Nov

Holiday Travel Tips from Peninsula Auto Body

Are you planning on a driving holiday trip this year? That’s the time of year many Americans hit the roads to visit relatives or memorable places. According to Forbes, 550 Americans lose their lives during each holiday of the year, with a majority of the deaths resulting from car accidents. It pays to stay safe […]


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